Blue Cocktail

Sung with that introspective insight that shows you his true experience in a rugged world that can take your mind away from where you should be headed, Robert John Hanson reminds us of a moments that so many have felt before on a late night in town, with 'Blue Cocktail'.

On a  reflective song that millions will certainly relate to as they order another drink to try and wash away the loneliness Robert John Hanson is at his gritty best with a vocally impressive performance and lyrics that will dig deep in your heart.

He guides us into a bar where she is calling your name---and you wonder if you should reply or just walk away---with that probable regret you will feel if you didn't find out if there was a real connection available.

This is a single for all those who are still looking for romance, as being alone will always make your soul a bit colder.

Llwellyn Screen, A & R Factory Music Blog

Another Move

After showing us inside that sad love with his previously well-received single 'Blue Cocktail', Robert John Hanson feels that he could stay just one more day to see what will happen with, 'Another Move'.

With his supreme storytelling experience and introspective lyrics, Robert John Hanson is in sterling form with an outstanding single that shows you deep inside his mindset that is designed to never have him heartbroken again.

A candid single loaded with quality guitar playing and a romantic ambience filled with a true story. Sung with that signature gritty style that has you edging the volume upwards, this is a track that will make you think profoundly about who you let close to your heart.

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january 31, 2023


Written in the aftermath of a close friend's sudden death, The Bitter Suite album addresses the juxtaposition of depth and fragility in human connections.

Robert John Hanson's musical compositions and J. L. Doucette's lyrics are alternately playful and serious, poignant and incisive.

The songs on this album are an eclectic mix of musical genre's including pop, rock, jazz, and modern classical sounds. 

Aptly named The Bitter Suite, this concept album goes straight to the heart of love and loss and the elusive search for a happy ending. 



JANUARY 31, 2022

MARCH 16,2022

APRIL 29, 2022

MAY 16, 2022

MAY 27, 2022

JULY 2, 2022