The Bitter Suite Album

This album was inspired by a loss---the sudden death of a close friend---which brought the co-writers together to create this work. 

A Hush And A Prayer, the first song Hanson and Doucette wrote together, is about the juxtaposition of depth and brevity in human life and connections. It sparked the concept---bittersweet--that underlies and unites all the songs in the album. 

Musically, the composition represents a major shift in style in Hanson's songwriting. The mood and melodies of the songs alternate between playful and mocking, and somber and  sentimental. 

The Bitter Suite Album is an eclectic mix of pop, rock, jazz, and modern classical sounds which engages the themes of loss and love and the elusive seach for a happy ending.

Scheduled for release January 31, 2023.