1. Ukraine Spring
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Ukraine Spring

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May 16, 2022 True Music Studio Robert John Hanson, Guitar & Vocals, Stephanie Lottridge, Vocals, Matt Whitcomb, Guitar, Nick Lancelotti, Keyboard; J. L. Doucette, Lyrics


Ukraine Spring Lyrics, J. L. Doucette

Out in the garden the vampires still play
The light in the window is turning to gray
Somewhere a woman is brushing her hair
A child wakes from sleep finds nobody there

The earth's a lost child with nowhere to go
The sky is a lover with no one to hold
The lights have gone out and nobody's home
We all know it's ending but still we go on

Where is the light we all need to see
Gone with the faces that we'll never see
Here in this moment this time in our hands
Slips through out fingers like small grains of sand

All of the strong things are lighter than air
Life still goes on when nobody cares
No one can stop it and no one can see
Life with its magic is all that will be